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As some of you know, I am not the only writer in my family.  I also have some kids who love to write.  One of these kids is my son, David – my oldest boy.

David is an Engineer (Supervisor) for Cox Cable in Baton Rouge, LA.  He initiated a blog site during our Motorcycle ride this year.  His blog site is called “The Mind of an Engineer” and he goes on to explain “it’s all over the place.”  And, I can assure you his mind is all over the place.  He is a multi-tasker supreme.

When I need to know how to do something on my computer, especially if it has to do with Google … I start by calling David.  When I call Google I usually get someone whom I don’t understand.  David knows how to break it down to the “simply ridiculous” for dear ole dad.

On his blog site, he does many things (since his mind is all over the place) but one of the things that always seems to get my attention is his “How To” articles.   This past week he posted an article about securing an email using gmail.   I found this to be of interest since, as a financial advisor, I had many clients (prior to my retirement) that would send personal and confidential information to me using a public email system.  While my company provided a secure way to send emails to the advisors … many clients found in cumbersome and used regular email and took a chance on the information being hacked.

My son claims he found out Google provides secure emails via gmail totally by accident when he was asked to provide a credit card number to a travel agent in an email.

Rather than me explain how it works … I’ve asked if I can place a link here so that you can review it yourself.  He agreed that it would be okay to do that since it is a public blog site.  Please feel free to go HERE and check it out for yourselves.  If you have any questions, leave a comment for him as I will certainly not be able to answer it as well as he can.

By the way, he has also posted numerous photos and blogs of our recent Motorcycle Adventure to Big Bend National Park, Texas.  Feel free to take a look at some of those as well.

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