I’m Tired of Robocalls #3

AT&T is sending notices to customers in-boxes stating that if they do not hear from them by November 15th their bill will go paperless (see below):

ATT Paperless

You can believe that I clicked on the link and told them to send me a paper bill (even though I pay all bills online and trash the paper bills).


Until they sink money into the destruction of Robocalls rather into their own pockets I see no reason why we should assist them in earning more profits.  Paperless bills will add millions to their bottom line and do little to stop the robocalls.

I hope you feel the same way,

Jerry Nix

5 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Robocalls #3

  1. Mary Hopper

    We switched to Consumer Cellular, the same service at half the cost! They use AT&T and Verizon towers so you still get the same cell service. As for robo calls, I just don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number, then I block the numbers. If it’s legitimate, they’ll leave a message. It is an inconvenience, but we have no choice, it’s the world in which we live nowadays.

    1. Mary … I agree … it is the world in which we live but something must be done about it or there will soon be no need to even carry a cell phone (hey that is not a bad idea — LOL). Believe me there is a way for phone companies to stop this from a technology point of view … it would just cost them some of their profits. However, you and I both know I can do all the ranting I want to and this war on cybercrime and robocalls is going to end up like the war on poverty and the war on drugs … it will just make the enemy stronger … because many in our government draw red lines and keep moving them. Oh well, thanks for reading anyhow. Jerry Nix

  2. David Nix

    So, what if the attempt to go paperless is a way for them to be able to invest more into the fight against robocalls?

    I get them a lot on my Verizon services as well. Both personal and work cells. But, thanks to the new Google Assistant screening feature on the Pixel 3s, I no longer need to worry about those calls. 😋. Soon to release on Google Pixel 2s I heard as well.

  3. People have been going paperless for years and it just gets added to the phone company’s bottom line – which from a stock investors point of view is good – but from a stoppage point of view is of no help. Believe me … the phone companies are making money on robo calls or they would stop them.

    1. David Nix

      Oh, I agree that phone companies are making money on the robocalls. I’m sure they’re the ones that sell the list of numbers to them. In fact, I didn’t get “one” robocall until the day AFTER I left AT&T and switched to Verizon. Now, I get them all day every day…

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