All I Want for Christmas …

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All I want for Christmas is more young people in America like this young man:

Taylor Wydemon is the son of a girl friend of my cousin’s son.  I met him once at a family reunion and have been a friend of his on Facebook since.  Now Taylor is a kid – age 16 – that has put up some pretty wild posts in his time on Facebook.  Yes, he has offended some older people and some younger ones … He is not perfect – none of us are.  However, he does try to make it right when he is convinced by someone that he may have been wrong.  Unlike most he will not continue to argue a mute point.  He’d rather “unfriend” you which is probably the best one can do.  In this latest post, however, I think he as really shown some maturity that you will not see in most 16 year old boys (or girls) in America today.  I have made no changes to his post – so you will get it with misspellings and  short cut language.

Not tryna put anyone on blast but I’ve seen a couple of Christmas lists from people I know and why don’t you take some time and get a job and not ask for stuff that cost thousands. I mean the past few years I’ve hardly asked for anything because your parents already do enough for you, Christmas is to celebrate Jesus birthday not national parents fork out more money than they do on you every day to get you stuff that you should be working for. I don’t care how much money your parents have bc however much they have they earned every cent not you. I don’t see a single person my age getting their parents anything for christmas. If your parents, grandparents or just guardian asks you what you want just put maybe a couple small things down like pants or something not a car an iPhone a PC or anything like that it’s pretty stupid if you ask me. Of course they’re going to get you something but they shouldn’t be asked for such extravagant things. Me personally this Christmas all I asked from anyone including my uncle my parents my grandparents was pants and or a leather jacket. If I can find a way to make some money so can all of you. Thank you for your time have a nice day.

What is he saying?

First and foremost he is recognizing Christmas for what it really is … the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Now I know that Jesus probably was not really born on December 25th.  In fact, while there was the Julian Calendar as early as 45 BC that had 12 months … many of those months were shorter than they should have been and the calendar as we know it today was not initiated until Pope Gregory XIII set up the Gregory Calendar for us to follow in 1582.  This calendar, however, was not adopted by Europe until the 18th century.  If you would like the history of the calendar you can get it here.  One of the reason’s we think December 25th is the date of Christ’s birth is because Hippolytus of Rome (a Christian Theologian) in the 3rd century based the birth date on the assumption that the conception of Jesus took place at the spring equinox which he placed on March 25 – and then added nine months.  So we have accepted December 25th for years.

Second, Taylor is telling his young friends to quite asking for “handouts” and to go find a job and buy their own gifts that costs thousands rather than depending on their parents to get the gifts for them.  He recognizes that parents already work hard enough to support their kids and provide for them every day of the year.  They should not be expected to provide that thousand dollar iPhone for them on Christmas.  If the kid wants one they should go “get a job” and buy it for themselves – as well as pay the bill I would add.

Third, he recognizes that if a parent asks a kid what they want the kid should provide a list of NEEDS and not WANTS.  It’s the needs that don’t cost too much and the wants that cost a lot more than is necessary.   He seems to understand that it is the “thought that goes along with the gift” that is most important.  According to Taylor, to ask for anything that has a high price is just STUPID in his opinion.  I totally agree with him.

Summary …

Kids and Parents (and all other relatives) … if this young man at 16 can find a way to make money to purchase what he wants … so can the rest of the able bodied kids in America.  I’ve always believed that by the time a kid get’s into high school they should be required to work outside the home for more than a family allowance.  Of course farm children should have plenty of work on the farm.  But, the city dwellers and suburbanites could also find ways to make a buck.  The best gift you can give a child is helping them find a job.  The schools are not going to teach them how and would prefer that they did not work at that age – but to that I say HummmBuggg.

If they’re old enough to demand big ticket items at Christmas (and most of them do) they are old enough to work and still do well in school.  And No, I do not believe they should all be paid minimum wage (whatever that is).  I have yet to see a 13 year old worth $7.50 to $15.00 per hour … but they are worth something and should be paid for doing something besides their everyday home chores (which should be done as well).

So all I want for Christmas is a young work force in America.

Special Note to My Grand Kids … If your 13 years of age or older and would like to give pappy something for Christmas … give him the satisfaction of knowing that you are out there looking for a way to make a buck.  You live in a country that provides the greatest of income opportunities for those willing to look for them.  Get a Job even if you have to ride your bicycle to work it.  If you don’t have a bicycle … walk and make that one of your first purchases.  As for other gifts, kids, spend your money on you and not your pappy.

5 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas …

  1. David Cornelison

    Yep I’ve worked since I was 14. My boys got a “smart phone”(always thought that was an OxyMoron) when they bought it and paid for the service themselves. They’ve gotten stuff they could use more so then toys in their HS years(they did get some entertainment stuff as a reward for working or doing chores all year).

    1. David, thanks for the comments. It sounds like you have raised your children right … making them pay for what they want when they are old enough to work for it. So many parents still try to take care of kids when the kids are in their 30’s and 40’s and to me that just does not seem right. In Foreign countries it is the kids that take care of the parents when they get to old to take care of themselves … but that is not happening in this country thanks to the evolution of Nursing Homes.

  2. Edith (MOM)

    I left school as early as I could to go to work to help my Daddy with feeding our family and my brothers family and to get the kids some clothes. But I still graduated from High School and went to Midwestern University for nurses training. I agree with both of you, children should be taught to go to work just like their father and many times like their Mother. If a child is taught early in life to earn his/her money they will appreciate it more than taking it from the parents.

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