Here Facebook, Fact Check This …

This Rich Bratty Socialist has done it again. Well, he didn’t but the people who work for him have.

I have once again been placed in the Facebook Jail because I said something their fact-checkers apparently did not like. It was a simple statement of my opinion that his people did not like. It was a statement about my people, common everyday Americans, that I was willing to shed blood for, during the Vietnam era, so that they could maintain their freedoms of liberty and free speech. No, I had no idea at the young age of 18 (when I volunteered to go) that the Vietnam war was nothing more than another on-going political saga of he left – though it apparently was since it was another waste of human lives on both sides of the war, that we actually lost. Well the common people lost … not the politicians.

Mark Zuckerberg personally did not put me in Jail, the moron’s he has working for him did. After all, Mark Z is too important to talk to or communicate with me. No, this is not to say that all people who work for Facebook are Moron’s … only the fact-checkers are. They’re the people who hold the keys to the Jail and they are the real morons. My years of leadership in the Financial Services Industry has taught me one thing. Moronic behavior starts at the top, Mr. Zuckerberg!

What did I do that was so bad?

I will share it and let you decide.

I came across this post this morning and thought I’d share it.

Please note the date at the top of the post. Apparently the post was not offensive (it’s still on Facebook) … my comment to the post was. Here is the comment I placed on the post after I shared it.

Note from Author: Some are saying my screen shots do not show my comment. Perhaps something Facebook did to block it so let me repeat it here: “I’ll tell you why! Americans are just too damned lazy to look at where it is made and when it says China they are too lazy, or dumb, to put it back on the shelf and move on to another product.”

Did I mean it? Yes, every word of it. That does not mean I am not guilty of doing the same. Sure, I am certain that when I buy things “on-line” many of those items may be made in China. However, if I am at a store and see it made in China, I do not buy it if I can help it. Some American’s are Lazy – and Some American’s are just dumb. We all do lazy things and dumb things from time to time. Notice, I didn’t mention Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender or Sexual Orientation … I said Americans and I am full blooded American – and we know Americans come in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors.

Here’s what Facebook sent to me just minutes after the post …

Keep in mind, I shared the post and then 15-20 minutes later found it (someone else had shared it) and commented on it.

So, you see, it is the comment they did not care for … not the post that has been around since April 2020.

If I have hurt any American’s feelings by making this comment – I do not apologize for it. As I stated, the comment also includes me from time to time. We are a lazy breed and we truly do some “dumb” things. Not all, but many. And not all the time, but much of the time.

Why am I so against China?

Think about it. China wants to become the LEADERS of the non-free world (and we are fast becoming a part of that non-free world).

Xi Jinping - Wikipedia
Xi Jinping – China’s Leader

They want to control everything from currency to laws we live by, and our politicians are letting them. Any time our president’s say “nice things” about the crook Xi Jinping – they are sending the wrong message to the people of China who would like to live free and the people of America who want to maintain their freedoms. This goes for Joe Biden, Donald J Trump and all previous US Presidents. They need to be calling the Chinese Leaders out as the crooks they are.

The original post above has it all right. They have given us all these BAD THINGS and we still continue to BUY their CRAP – as does our political leaders.

Think about this. We have approximately 320,000,000 Americans in this country. If we spent just $5 per day on Chinese products we are in essence sending five hundred eighty-four billion dollars to China each and every year.

I would venture to say (though I cannot prove it) we are spending more than that on Chinese goods and services each and every year. If you Google for the answer this is what you will get … U.S. goods and services trade with China totaled an estimated $634.8 billion in 2019. If that is true that means the average American spends about $1,981.95 on Chinese products each year. That’s about $5.43 per day (so I wasn’t too far off with my estimate). This actually works out to about $1,207,763 per minute 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

We are currently having trade deficits with China every year – which means we are buying more of their product than they are buying of ours and they have 1,439,323,776 people in mainland China as compared to what we have in America … that means they out number us almost 5:1.

It is time for America to Stand Up or there won’t be a Facebook!

That is right, America, we need to take a stand … against China and all communisms and socialism if we want to continue to have the Freedoms we now have. The IDIOTS at Facebook and other social media sites as well as the main stream media have no idea that if we continue on the path we are on their platforms will be destroyed (as will this one).

I’m willing to fight for our freedoms till my last breath and last drop of blood, regardless of how many times Facebook decides to put me in Jail or completely eliminate my account. How about you? Will you join this fight with me? Or will you continue to do the dumb things we sometimes do for speed, efficiency and due to financial constraints of perhaps spending a little more for our products.

People I love this country and the words of the Duke, John Wayne says why so much better than I can.

Let’s start treating China and Facebook as they should be treated. Now Facebook – Fact check all this!

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