No More Mandates …

Note from the author: Before reading this please understand these few facts.

  1. I am not a medical doctor
  2. I believe Covid is real and can be deadly (like most anything else)
  3. I have been fully vaccinated
  4. I am not taking a booster shot this year
  5. I am an American and a Veteran of the Armed Forces (Vietnam War)
  6. I am a patriot that believes this is still the best country to live in
  7. What you will read below is MY OPINION that I have a right to just as you have a right to yours.

First Question: Should mask wearing be mandated?

In my opinion a mask (as we see so often today) is not necessary and does little to block Covid. Take a look at the mask below:

Coronavirus Masks: Types, Protection, How & When to Use

There is an excellent article about Masks (By the Grainger Editorial Staff), the various kinds and the pro’s and con’s of each as well as what the CDC has to say about them that you can get to with this link. Personally I don’t think the above mask or the one pictured below will have much of an effect on stopping a person from spreading or contracting Covid. These are not really medical masks. Ninety percent are warn dirty and improperly.

Fashion, Cotton, smilemask, unisex
Biden says wearing masks for at least the next three months is key to safe  school reopening | The Independent | The Independent

Personally, with my COPD I refuse to wear a mask. I find it hard enough to breath, let a lone trying to breath back in carbon dioxide that I am breathing out. If I walk into a place of business that requires a mask to do business with them – I simply turn around and walk back out and find a place that is not going to enforce the wearing of one. I don’t get mad at them (well I may) but I certainly won’t give them anymore of my money.

I really have to laugh when I go to a cashier and see this little thin plexiglass barrier that is supposed to stop the spread of Covid. You’ve seen them … there about 3 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet long. It’s almost as if someone thinks those little “Covid Bugs” are not going to find a away to get around the barrier.

Customer Don McCombs, left, gestures to cashier Ialeah Johnson, right, through a plexiglass shield at a Homeland grocery store in Oklahoma City. Homeland and other stores have installed the shields due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus. (AP photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Or how about when they cover the buttons on these machines in plastic …

Credit Cards Encourage Extra Spending as the Cash Habit Fades Away - The  New York Times

… and then never clean or change the plastic. So comical, in my opinion, as well as a little ludicrous.

No, these pieces of plastic the paper or cloth masks are not really to protect the people … they are to protect the store owners asses from being fined by the “powers that be.” It’s called CYA!

I mean think about it folks and picture this. You walk into a restaurant that requires a mask to enter. However, the moment you sit down at the table the masks are allowed to come off. The minute you stand to leave the restaurant you must put the mask back on. When you think about that you come to the “comical conclusion” that Covid only attacks those that are standing and never those that are sitting and eating. Very trained bugs I would say.

Why are we requiring masks to protect against Covid when we don’t require them to protect against the common Flu?

This is from the CDC – I didn’t dream it up!

This does not include the problems with other respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis and other COPD issues. As a matter of fact with a little investigation this is what has been discovered by the author:

Covid was born in a lab in China … so one would naturally think that Covid should be a leading cause of death in China. Take a look at this 2020 chart from the Brookings Institute about the top causes of death in China:

A mortality perspective on COVID-19: Time, location, and age
In Fact, according to this, Covid was only the 49th leading cause of death in China at the peak of the crisis.

Then we uncover a chart like this one that shows Covid was the 3rd Leading Cause of death in American in 2020:

Chart: Covid-19 Was America's Third Leading Cause Of Death In 2020 |  Statista

Who is being lied to … China or America?

But then you have to question … was these people who died WITH Covid or people that actually died FROM Covid? Is Covid really the 3rd Leading cause of death in America … or are we being lied to by political leaders who love to put FEAR into the hearts and minds of our citizens?

Last April, Deborah Birx, MD, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said this when asked about people who have COVID-19 but die from preexisting conditions: “If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.”

I’ve attached an article from AAMC.Org entitled “How are COVID-19 deaths counted? It’s complicated.” I would encourage you to read it and draw your own conclusions.

Contrary to what you may see in the above graphs there is another form of death that is a leading cause of death that is not necessarily being reported by the CDC. This is deaths from iatrogenesis. What is iatrogenesis? It is death caused by Medical Error.

A 2016 study by John Hopkins suggested that Iatrogenesis was the 3rd leading cause of death in America. This was backed up by a study in 2020 by Yale University that stated some estimate that Medical Error leads to 250,000 deaths per year. When is the U. S. Government and CDC going to get their act together and do something about Medical Errors in this country. They can’t. Why not? It’s science and science has a long history of being mistaken.

Based on this information, that brings me to question #2 …

Second Question: Should Vaccinations for Covid be mandated?

In my opinion, if the vaccination truly stopped Covid, like the Small Pox Vaccine or the Polio Vaccine stops small pox and Polio, then yes, maybe … but that is not the case with the Covid Vaccine. I contend the Covid Vaccine is nothing more than a Covid Shot that may slow down one form of Covid. Similar to the Flu shot or Pneumonia shot that must be taken each year (for the flu) or every few years (for Pneumonia).

If the shot cannot kill the disease in it’s tracks … it really is not much of a vaccine. Yet, our government has now mandated that employers with more than 100 employees enforce mask, testing and vaccine mandates. My question is this … if it is good for employers with 100 or more employees … why would it not also be enforced on business with less than 100 employees. Do businesses with less than 100 employees not spread the virus?

There is more and more being published in the news media about good people losing their jobs over the issue of not falling for the requirement to have the vaccine forced upon them. As recently as last week, two long-time actors of General Hospital (the daytime Soap) was excused from the set in termination over their resistance to the Vaccine Mandate.

The actors, Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher, were fixtures of ABC’s “General Hospital,” a long-running daytime drama set in the fictional town of Port Charles, N.Y. Mr. Burton and Mr. Rademacher were outspoken opponents of a coronavirus vaccine mandate that applied to a part of the set where actors work unmasked, known in the industry as Zone A. The mandate took effect on Nov. 1.

“Unfortunately, ‘General Hospital’ has let me go because of the vaccine mandate,” Mr. Burton, who tested positive for the virus in August and filmed his last episode on Oct. 27, said in an Instagram video on Tuesday.

Now here’s a guy who had Covid-19 — which gives him more “natural immunity” to the disease than any Vaccine (or so says science). And even though he is immune he was let go because he stood his ground and refused to get the vaccine. You can read more of the story from the New York Times by clicking here.

Then, there is the story of the entertainer Bryan Adams who is fully vaccinated and tested positive for Covid recently, not once … but twice. You can read that story here. So here, I beg to ask, Is Covid really that strong that it busts the vaccine wide open, or is the testing for it really that weak, that it can contually give false positives?

Eleven Months Ago, President ELECT Joe Biden said Vaccines “should not be mandatory.” now all of a sudden, as President, he is trying to make them mandatory.

Yet as of November 4th, 2021 more than 50% of all CDC employees were still working remotely because they did not trust the Vaccines that they are trying to force on others. You can get a glimpse of the hearing here where Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) asked CDC Director Rochelle Walensky about her department’s vaccination rates.

Even with being fully vaccinated, a person can still catch and spread Covid-19 according to the CDC. You can read that report as well right here. Here’s the exact words: However, since vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection, some people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19. An infection of a fully vaccinated person is referred to as a “breakthrough infection.” People who get vaccine breakthrough infections can be contagious but are less likely than unvaccinated people to be hospitalized or die. Now I ask you, is this not the same as the Flu Shot – that is NOT MANDATORY? Those with a Flu Shot can still get the flu but will likely not be hospitalized or die from it. So why are we even considering calling it a Covid-19 Vaccine when it is nothing more than an annual shot that some should get (not all).

Now we have variants of the Covid Strain. I find it interesting a new strain (not the Delta Variant) but something totally new, was found in Southern Africa. This one is being called Omicron. For those of you that did not know … the new variants of the Covid-19 disease is being called by Greek Alphabet Letters. Here’s those letters for your reference:

The letters of the Greek alphabet are: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omicron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega. You can read about the various Covid Variants and there names here.

What is interesting is that this Variant that was just discovered in South Africa should have been named Nu … but the CDC wanted to skip that name because it would be mistaken as “NEW” … and when they saw the next letter … they had to skip it as well Xi – which to me the entire Covid should be named Xi since he is the leader of the country where it all began.

This article — The W.H.O. skips forward two Greek letters, avoiding a Xi variant — tells why these two names were skipped. You will have to agree that the W.H.O. is really attempting to be “politically correct” here.

The bottom line of my opinion is the …

Covid Vaccinations (or the wearing of masks) – since they are not vaccinations at all (and masks do not really protect you) – should not be mandated. As a matter of opinion, I don’t believe anything that effects one’s individual health should be mandated. It should be a matter of choice.

I choose not to wear a mask. I chose to get the Covid Vaccination. I have chosen not to get the Covid “Booster Shot” this year since I just got the vaccination this year (but may or may not get it in the future along with annual flu shots).

The point is … it is my choice … not some politicians choice for my life. I chose to smoke for 56 years of my life (since age 13) … even though the Government had warning labels put on every pack of cigarettes. It was my choice to take that advice or not. I may die of lung cancer or heart disease because of my choice … but you know what? So will others that chose to never smoke. I may die because of Covid, even though I’ve been fully vaccinated, while others who catch Covid and did not get vaccinated may not die because of it. But one thing is for sure … no one is going to leave this world alive.

If smoking kills more people in America and worldwide than anything else (according to those dying due to cancer, heart disease, Stroke and COPD) and the government feels it is so bad … why haven’t they made the manufacturing and buying or selling of cigarettes and other tobacco products totally illegal? Could be because it would cost them too much in Tax Revenue? I think so!

People, wake up and smell the coffee … just don’t drink it since Nicotine and Caffeine are both bad for your blood vessels. It is time to tell the government to Butt out of our Medical Care and leave the decisions up to us.

Now you have my opinions on the subject of Mask and Vaccine Mandates. I’d be interested in getting yours – and I promise not to get angry at you. You have every right to your opinion. And if you don’t want to come around me because I refuse to “mask up” that is your right as well.

10 thoughts on “No More Mandates …

  1. Friends warn friends about the clotshot. My vascular surgeon buddy has seen too many young people stroke and have massive clotting in their arms with no previous history. Normal BMI. All fully vaccinated.

    The FDA just affirmed that the clotshot has 24% higher all-cause mortality than the placebo. Two deaths from covid with the placebo and one death from covid with the clotshot and five heart attacks with the clotshot. Clots can cause heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms.

    17 deaths in the placebo arm and 21 deaths in the clotshot arm. 4 more deaths due to the clotshot.

    When you realize that 15 deaths are baseline mortality, then it’s shocking to see that excess mortality from the clotshot is up 400% over covid alone.

    1. Dear Covidpilot, Thank you so much for your comment. I do hope that people who read my post will also read your comment. It is worth knowing this information. I found it valuable.

  2. Hello from the UK

    Thank you very much for this post. If you were my neighbour and would gladly come round to see you and talk to you. I would love to hear about your life. If you were wearing a mask indoors I would think twice as I would assume you were rather mad!

    If you wore one outdoors I would think you very mad!! Unless it was a scarf etc in cold weather.

    I went to a hardware store called Covers near home last year around February. It was cold and damp. The stores website (they are a regional store which has been around since at least my youth) did not mention anything about masks at their stores that I could see.

    I arrived with my wife as I was and still am struggling with my health. I was aware that the brainless lurked in such stores and I was taking no chances. It said on a poster by the entrance ‘Masks to be worn’. There is an exemption in the UK on for those with some common sense, or those who cannot work it out by themselves that masks are pointless against Covid 19.

    Not that I needed the government to tell me that.

    Anyway, I went in with my wife to be accosted by a man in I suppose his fifties (I am now 61 years old) who said in essence ‘you can’t come in without a mask’. I could not see any other customers, the store is large, a warehouse type. I could just make out 1 or 2 staff in the distance.

    I can’t remember the full conversation but I did say ‘Where is your mask?’ He wasn’t wearing one. He pointed at a Perspex screen similar to the one you referred to. ‘That’s my mask’ he said.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it wasn’t a mask; perhaps I thought it was a lost cause. I told him about the government exemption I believe but this didn’t move him. More than his job’s worth to start thinking let alone checking I suppose.

    Nevertheless I told him what I wanted which he said he would get and I would need to wait outside. In the cold and damp of course, but I did not point this out as presumably it was definitely a lost cause.

    I did risk life and limb by standing in the vestibule with its automatic doors so as not to freeze to death (I am exaggerating for effect) or die of hypothermia. It didn’t take long for him to get what I needed, 2 bow saw blades and a box of copper nails. I paid him outside on a card machine.

    I have been to this store for many years without harm. But my mental health was severely challenged by the moron who served me. The store sells hammers. I am not surprised some people get violent.

    However I am a peaceful man so I went home having survived the ordeal. I went again a few months ago in the summer and some sanity had returned. I got in to another part of the large site (trade section) without being accosted although several morons came wearing masks in side. The staff had their screens of course.

    So that is one of my experiences. I sometimes do not know whether to laugh or cry. I find laughter for this stupidity better.

    And therefore I wrote a few articles on masks which may amuse you. These are the links if you are interested.

    That link leads to my main summary on Covid 19 with sub-links to the various issues.

    The above leads to a further link with someone’s experience with masks in a hospital. I think reading the above first is probably better before the second. I have just found there may be an issue with link, so I will double check but hopefully I can get it working correctly.

    I could write a lot more commentary about your very sensible post, I would be here for some time, but perhaps you may wish to look at mine. In any event my wife says lunch is ready.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    1. Dear Baldmichael, Thanks for your comments. I have read you posts and do find them funny. I just can’t believe the stupidity of all those folks out there that really believe in mask, testing and vaccine mandates from the Government. It’s ridiculous to say the least. I do appreciate your comments and hope others who read my post will also visit your blog.

  3. Bronwyn Libelle

    Hi Jerry, I hate the ill fitting paper and cloth masks as well. I can’t breathe through them and they have open pockets on the sides. However, I did find masks that are for athletes that you have to measure your face for, and these have no gaps, are 3 layers, are made for breathability, and are hand washable . If you find you want or need one in the future you can find them on the Under Armour website. I have to ride the bus to and from work and I enjoy them. I have not even caught a common cold yet this year. Of course I chose to get vaccinated for flu and covid which helps, and I wash my hands all the time too. You are right that nothing is 100% against any virus or bacteria, except living in a cave in the woods, which, all health concerns aside, is looking better each day with the state of the world these days.

    1. Bronwyn, thanks for reading my post and thanks for your comments. As for the mask at Under Armour, I will pass at this time … though I am sure other readers may like to know about them, so thanks for bringing them up. As for the cave in the woods … I am searching for mine now. However, sunlight and Vitamin D may be the best protection against any virus … so perhaps a deserted beach on a deserted island makes more sense. Perhaps that is why all the politicians these days seem to vacation at Martha’s Vineyard (LOL).

  4. Paula Courtney

    Very well thought out and written Jerry. I agree and am saddened that so many are firmly under the influence of those whose actions and opinions are not thought out at all.

    1. Paula thank you for your comment. Like you at the world in now days. I’m with you… people are too easily influenced by people who don’t think. Keep reading and I will keep writing.

  5. I hear you with having copd and wearing a mask. It is torture.

    It might be that our generation were pre-computers that we can see things from differnt positions while the younger generations know nothing else but the world they live in which is more confusing than ever.

    It will be interesting when a severe case of common-sense breaks out around the world.

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