The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on what I hope to be an interesting adventure as I enter the “winter” of my life (or the “Spring” of my new life) however you want to look at it!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I retired as a financial advisor with a company I’d represented for 42 years on June 29th, 2018.  I have now been retired for a month and a half and the one thing I miss most of all is the relationships I had with my 200+ clients and other financial advisors I’d grown to know over the years.  Hopefully this website will help me stay in touch with them and allow me to hear from them every now and then while sharing more education and opinions with them that they will have the right to comment on.

However, this website is not only for ex-clients and friends, it is open to the public.  While some of my articles and opinions may be controversial, I do not expect 100% of those reading them to totally agree with them.  It is so great that we live in a country and an environment that allows each of us to form our own opinions.

Hopefully some of the investment articles I write (or publish from other writers) will provide information and education to allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to investing your money.

As for the politics and the political stuff I write about … this will be strictly my opinions at the time of my writing it based on the way I am feeling at the time.  My political beliefs over the years have certainly changed – as I am sure most peoples have.  While it would probably be better to leave politics out of the web site altogether, it must be realized that politics, now-a-days, play a big role in investments and the markets.

So please join me on this journey and help me make it of interest to you or others.  If you have questions, simply post them and I will see what I can do to find some answers.  If you have comments – whether you agree or disagree with what I am sharing – let me hear from you on that as well.

I once past a church that had a billboard outside and this is what I read …

“If your making waves you don’t have time to row the boat.”

However, this is what I truly believe …

You can’t row the boat without “making waves” and if you are not rowing the boat you are likely only drifting where the currents take you.

Have a great day and write to me when you can!

Jerry Nix

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

    1. Lillous as I read this I am on my motorcycle trip in Big Bend. I will be home next week and plan to add a lot more to the blog. Thanks for following me. — Jerry

  1. Jerry,

    May have conquered the “posting” skill set, since retired, Technology does not inspire me!

    This is my “third” attempt and final exercise at posting, however Reading is not a problem!

    Looking forward to you rants and wisdom in the coming months/years!

    Enjoy all the possible moment’s in life and hug them often with all the love you have.

    Carl and Marylynn

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